Monday, November 29, 2010

The ultimate snack...(a review on Vitatops)

Pin It My new favorite snack:
One deep chocolate VitaTop (currently 1 point...we'll see what it'll be under the new PointsPlus program!!)
1/2 cup Scotsburn Hoofprints low fat frozen yogurt (currently 3 points)

Heat the VitaTop for 20 seconds in the microwave on high and top with frozen yogurt.  Oh my!

These VitaTops are amazing!  100 calories and 8 grams of fibre and chocolate all the way through.  I've tried the VitaMuffins (same flavour) and the Vitatops and they taste the same - the VitaTop are cheaper at Costco - 12 for 9.99 I think is what I paid.  I'd love it if we had some of the other Vitalicious items here...Vitalicious, where are you??  They appear to have muffin mixes, but I have been unable to locate them.  The only things I can find locally are the muffins (rarely) at Sobeys and Superstore (4 muffins for $4.99) and they only have blueberry bran or cranberry something - sometimes you can get the double chocolate.  I'm not fussy on bran muffins, so have not tried the fruity ones yet...I don't know if I'm prepared to spend $4.99 to try 4 muffins that I might hate...the chocolate ones, I give a 6 out of 5 (yes, they are THAT good!!)  I really wish we could get the Apple Crumbe VitaTops here...

I'll do a quick mini review (I believe I've spoken about this before) on the Scotburn low fat Hoofprints frozen yogurt...YUMMY!!  5/5 - better than the ice cream in fact!

Ok, this must be my week of reviews - I think talking about food is keeping me from thinking about the issues of the day/week :-)