Sunday, November 28, 2010

Strange things are happening

Pin It So yesterday when I lost my 1.8lbs it put me down another Point on the daily point scale.  I've often wondered how people could possibly live on such low point values (I mean some people have like 18 points per day!!!)  I am thinking that your body eventually adjusts to less food...well, I think (hope!) that's finally starting to happen.  Last week I was allowed 27 points per day, this week 26...and tonight I really struggled to get the minimum!!  Very strange indeed.  I this a new thing or just a freak occurrence - seems to me I struggled yesterday to get my points in.  Now I always eat my daily points and often eat 2/3 or more of my weekly 35 points...yes, my friends, this is odd...two days in a row at 26 points and I am absolutely stuffed.

Oh well, just thought I'd share.  Anyone else experience this?