Sunday, May 6, 2012

Saturday Zumba is Coming!

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Posting this for the benefit of those of you who are not in Facebook, but may be interested in a weekend Zumba class.

If you live in or around the Halifax area (or are visiting), my friend Cynthia is starting Saturday afternoon Zumba classes at Maritime Dance Academy (Wedgewood Plaza on the Kearney Lake Road) this coming Saturday (May 12th) at 4:30pm.

Cost is $10 (tax included) and when you attend 8 classes, the 9th class is FREE!

For more information, please visit Cynthia's Facebook Page: or email her  Come out and join the party!!!

Class size is limited, so please reserve your spot early!!

Never tried Zumba before???  Believe me...if I CAN DO IT, so can you.  I have no rhythm, can't dance...I can barely stand on my own two feet at times...but I CAN Zumba!  Give it a try :)