Sunday, May 20, 2012

Maintenance: Week 2 and my WW Article

Pin It Yesterday concluded my second week of maintenance.  For week two I only added four extra points+ vs the six I added in week one.  Thankfully I was down 0.3lbs of the 1.5lbs that I gained last week.  I am still 0.7lbs over goal (but well within the 2lb radius).  I think this week I will try only three extra points+ and see if I can get that 0.7lbs off.  It's been a rough several days lately, but I did manage to keep on track and not turn to food when I was stressed (which was most of the week), so that's an improvement over my "old life".

I know I mentioned briefly (eons ago) that I was considering submitting my weight loss story to the Weight Watchers magazine.  I decided last week, after some coaxing from my fellow WW-ers, that I will do this.  I did start writing the story several months ago, but of course it did not have a conclusion until just recently :)  I have a couple of great friends who are going to review it for me (I tend to ramble...and then forget important details!) before I submit it.  Not sure if it will ever get published, but least I tried, right?  I think there are two ways to get your story published - on the Weight Watchers website or in the magazine itself.  How cool would that be to get in the real magazine?!  Just could say you "knew me when..." haha.  I'll keep you posted if I hear anything back from them.

Shameful to say, I've been up for 2 hours and all I've done is drink coffee and play on the computer.  Must go get ready to meet some fabulous ladies for brunch at Cora's :)


Julie said...

I am so proud of you :) I think they would be fools not to publish your's probably very well-written like your fantastic blog! Keep up the great work, Tanya!

Tanya said...

Thanks!! :)