Friday, January 27, 2012

When you ask for help

Pin It that is when you start forming your team.  I heard this quote today while listening to the Cut The Fat podcast on the way home from work today.  They were talking about getting started with your weight loss journey and asking for what you need from those around you.  This is something I really struggled with and still do to be honest.  Even in restaurants I feel bad asking them to hold this or prepare my meal a certain way.  Part of me wonders why I think they would be willing to help me.  What's in it for them?  That's really a jaded way of thinking about things now that I think about it.  If someone were coming to my house and were diabetic or ate Kosher would I think any differently of them for asking me to accommodate them in their dietary needs/preferences?  No.  I'm not sure why I think others may not be willing/interested in helping.  I guess I've always had a hard time asking for help from others - I blame it (now) on being single in my mid (ok, late) 30s and having relied on myself for so many years. 

Blythe and Dr. Ray are so right - when we go along this journey we need the help of those around us.  We should not be afraid to ask for what we need.  Even though I have not always asked for help, I feel like I have developed an amazing team of supporting cast in this journey I call life.  Even though I've been doing this for over two years, I am still adding to my team.  As you may know if you've been here for a while, I started going to group fitness classes back in the early Fall.  A friend of mine had been trying to get me to go to Zumba with her for probably two years, but I was PETRIFIED of group fitness.  I don't remember what prompted me to actually go, but all of a sudden I found myself at Step class...then at Super Power...then at I'm doing three group fitness classes every week and would LOVE to do more.  I am always posting about the classes on Facebook - in the beginning it was in the hopes that someone I know would join me at the it's so that my friends will come and join me and meet my NEW friends!  I'm not lonely in the class like I thought I would be.  I'm not the worst one there (usually).  Everybody starts out as new at some point in their lives.  I have met some amazing people through these fitness classes and am happily adding them to my team (whether they know it or want to be on it or not!!)  Seeing their smiling faces and warm greetings every class is a huge encouragement to keep on going - I miss them when I don't go and funny enough, people notice when I'm not there...even in our humongous Zumba class! 

So there it is... my team consists of friends, family, Weight Watchers group friends, Gym friends, great co-workers and so many more.  Who is on your team?  Do you ask for what you need?  Don't be afraid - as Nike says...Just Do It!

Hoping for an OK loss tomorrow...or any loss at all, but the way my body has been I will go in with no expectations at all.  My home scales are showing up again and after last week's 2.8lb loss I'm expecting a gain...I'm just going to have to accept that that's the way my cookie crumbles these days...a big gain, a big loss...I'll get there eventually. 

Stay tuned for tomorrow when I talk about the 7 foot person I'm missing....


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