Monday, January 9, 2012

I've graduated...sort of

Pin It I decided to be brave (or stupid?) tonight and stepped it up (literally!) to TWO risers in Step class.  Maybe not my smartest move, but hey - you never know until you try, right?  It went OK.  I kept finding myself tripping over my step which, surprisingly, I don't normally do with only one riser.  That was always my fear before I tried Step class - that I would trip.  So tonight I stumbled a few times, but didn't actually fall down (thankfully!).  Towards the end of the class though...I thought my legs would fall off!  Tonight's class was tougher than usual too.  The microphone is not working for our instructor, so she's not able to do she tortures teaches us in other ways using "basic" moves :)  Still an awesome class though.

Tomorrow's Zumba class should be this point, I'm not sure I can get off the sofa to go make supper...tummy is growling though, so must force myself.


Kim said...

Two risers? Look at you go! Good for you ;)