Saturday, January 28, 2012

Can you help me? I'm missing a 7 foot person...

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I know this is not SEVEN you know how hard
it is to find a picture with
SEVEN feet in it...usually they come in pairs :)

Well, not quite :)  I had my measurements taken last week and as it turns out I am down a little over 5 inches since right before my trip to the UK on September 3rd (even though my weight is only down about 3 pounds since then).  This is showing me that my exercise is doing something (this and the fact that most of the clothes I bought on this trip no longer fit...oh the clothes....I need to go back and replenish!).  In total I have now lost 86.13 inches which equals 7.18 FEET.  I know I didn't really lose a 7 foot tall person, but it's kinda neat to think that I've lost over 7 feet of inches off me when I'm only 5 feet, 8 inches tall ;-)  I am writing this post on Friday night, but will not publish it until after tomorrow's weigh in.  Right now, even though I suspect the scales will be up tomorrow (through no fault of my own...just my crazy body not cooperating), I feel pretty good about things.  I wanted to start this post while I still felt this way because I know how I get when I have a ain't pretty.  I am determined NOT to let it get me down.  I have done all I could do this week, including eating about 99% of my weekly points (OK, I left 3 points behind...but I tried!) and I earned a respectable 33 activity points.  After this, it is out of my control.  I will, of course, analyze this to death tomorrow and will try and figure out what I could do differently this coming week, but for tonight I am just going to enjoy my 7 be continued

Chest 10.13
abdomen 13.75
Right Arm 5.75
Left Arm 5.75
Waist 15.25
Hips 16.50
Right Thigh 9.00
Left Thigh 9.00
right calf 0.50
left calf 0.50
Total Inches 86.13

Saturday update:

As suspected, I am up today.  Only 0.8, so I'm OK with that...well, as OK as I'll ever be with a gain.  I am going to concentrate on the numbers above and not focus on this blip.  I'll continue to do what I'm doing and whatever happens  will happen....  Happy Saturday everyone!


Kavita said...

Amazing!!!! It's even more unreal to think off when you look at the inches and the feet! Asolutely amazing!!!!!

Tanya said...

Thanks Kavita!! :)