Friday, January 20, 2012

A crazy idea

Pin It So as you may recall I've been having a rough go of it lately with respect to WW and weight loss in general.  I'm not having problems sticking to the program or exercising...and therein lies the problem.  I'm gaining weight.  I won't rehash last week's post - you can read it here if you like.

I know I said I wasn't going to make any more plans or set any more goals, but I do have an idea I'm tossing around in my brain.  I am thinking of taking my home scales to my WW leader and asking her to hang onto them for a few weeks.  The plan would be to weigh in backwards (yes, backwards!) and have them keep my weigh in book and not tell me the number.  The suspense might kill me...but I have no way during the week of getting to see my leader, so it would be a sure-fire way of avoiding the scales...  Anyone else weigh in and not look at the number (let someone else look)?  Does it take any of the stress off of you?  The numbers stress me either way...if I do bad, the number stresses me in the obvious way, but if I have a good loss...then I'm stressed that the next weigh in will be bad (obsessed much?).

OK, not sure if I will do this, but just throwing it out there... In addition to this, I am going to pick up some hand weights and start a strength program at home in combination with my Wii Sport Active... I did have my measurements done and my BF%/BMI...the measurements did show inches lost (just over 5" since Sept 2/11), but my BMI and BF% have gone up slightly.  I did learn that my BF% is within the healthy range for my age/stats (21-33 is the range and I'm at 30.8) that's something.

Off to eat supper...snow storm today in the city, so took about 90 minutes to get home once I finally got on a I'm eating supper at 8:30 at night :(  "see" you all tomorrow sometime after WW.


Anonymous said...

Certainly an interesting strategy. I'm not sure I could do it but if you decide to, please post how it goes. I would be interested to see how it works for you. I think the "obsessed much" is for a lot of us; doesn't make it right but I guess it is what it is... I weigh every morning as I feel it helps keep me in check... obssessed much? Oh my. :-)

Tanya said...

haha, yep, that's me..every morning and sometimes when I get home from work (before supper)... I surely AM obsessed!

Anonymous said...

I used to do that when I went to WW last time. this time around, I made a vow to myself NOT to weigh myself at home, and since I started back in July, I've not weighed at home at all!! I figure if I'm up, I don't want to stress about it each day of the week, and I only have to deal with it the official weigh in. It works well. Day to day fluctuations cause a lot of undo stress, so I just don't do it anymore. I'm a once a week person. I've heard of others who are doing this as well, and feeling better about their progress.

Anonymous said...

oops, sorry Tanya I'm really not anonymous, it's Shirley. :)

Tanya said...

haha, I was wondering who all these anonymous people were! ;-)