Sunday, November 22, 2009

Product review - Vitamuffins!

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OK, one word...YUMMO!!!  I give these a 25 out of 10 they are so good.  The best part is, at 100 calories and 7 grams of fibre, they are only ONE point each!!  The chocolate ones are hard to find - found these at superstore in the Organic freezer section. Sobeys only had the blueberry bran or cranberry ones though...too bad about that 'cause they're $1.00 cheaper at Sobeys.  Superstore sells them for $4.99 (or was it $4.49?) per box...either way, over $1 per muffin :-(  BUT if you need that chocolate fix...totally worth it!  They are also available to order online.

From what I understand, they have muffin mixes too, but I have not seen them around here.  Ontario may have them as their Canadian distribution centre is in Toronto...