Thursday, November 12, 2009

Look out Rock, here I come!

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Well, I've been talking with my friend Tanya in Newfoundland about going over to visit her for a while and today I finally booked my ticket.  Porter Airlines had a seat sale on - $59 each way!  Plus, all of my EY senior peeps will either be in St. John's at the same time or on vacation.  My plan is to fly over on a Wednesday night and work from the St. John's office on Thurs and Fri - this way I'll get to spend a few evenings, plus the whole weekend with Tanya and her hubby, Ed.  I'm so looking forward to this trip!  I miss talking to her every day (she used to work in our St. John's office) and I know we'll have a great time.  Our plan for my first full night there (Thursday) is, of course, to watch Grey's Anatomy!  She's my G.A. pal :-)

So...this is my first trip to The Rock...and I really want to try Chess' Fish & Chips...must check out the point value...I'll be working out 24-7 the week before I go to build up my activity points (to add to my 35 flex points!)  I am going to TRY and make it to a WW meeting while I'm there (BEFORE I eat the fish and chips I hope!)

One more full day before weigh in...a bit nervous this week as I went to a small group potluck last night...I was well within my points (not my daily points, but rather my daily remaining, plus my flex points) and I still have about 7 flex points remaining for the week...I've NEVER used this many of them before!  The most I think I've used is 10...this week I have used 28!!  Yikes!  Well, they do say that some people NEED to eat their flex points to lose weight...Please Lord, let me be one of those least this week!!

"See" you Saturday afternoon!


Shondi said...

Woohoo! When do you go?! I'm sure you'll have a great time - I love NL!

And don't worry about WI tomorrow - I know you did great!!

Tanya said...

I leave the night of Nov 25 (Wed) and come back that Sunday night (29th) :-)

Thanks for the WI encouragement!