Saturday, November 21, 2009

Doing my skinny dance!

Pin It Which would be great if a) I were skinny...and b) I could dance! ;-)  All jokes aside, today was a great day.  Down 2 lbs at WW (see my little flower and lady bug ticker above for my total as well as my first BIG goal (which I'd like to reach before going to the UK in September).  It is by no means my final goal, but it's a HUGE chunk of it!  I left WW and to went to my hairdressers for a trim "up the neck" (anyone with an inverted bob may know what I'm talking about) before my trip to NL this week...I know I'll need somethign to keep my neck warm, but I figure it's more fashionable (or "Fashion" as Kamryn says) to use a scarf!  Then I went to Penningtons/Additone-Elle and spent WAY too much money...but got some great deals!  Then to Frenchy's where I got sweaters for the kids to wear in the Christmas play at Metro, then the used bookstore...where I got books for a certain someone (won't name names in case he's reading this!) for Christmas.  Then home, cooked soup and my Adobe Chicken Stew, parade of lights, babysat the kids and now I'm home...basically been on the go since 9:30 this morning :-) 

Oh, I forgot to explain my title of today's blog!  I brought my usual sizes into the dressing room with me today and low and behold...several of them were TOO BIG!  This is also after spending all day yesterday hauling up my undies AND my dress pants at work (not a pretty sight, don't try to picture it!)  Anywho, that's all I have to write for now.  Will post recipe and photos tomorrow from today's cook-a-thon.

Nighty night...


Shondi said...

Great work! Loved your posts. And don't eat anymore pens!

Tanya said...

Thanks! haha, I'll try not to eat pens anymore!