Saturday, June 4, 2011

Keep on keepin' on

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I don't know if it was the running this week or what, but I lost FIVE pounds!  In my nearly two years of this journey I have NEVER had a week with a loss that big!  I had to ask the lady to double check and see that we were seeing what we were seeing...sure enough, there it was :-)  I am choosing to believe it was the running - this is my incentive to keep going (only run twice so far - tonight is the third run for the week). 

As I mentioned earlier in the week, I have booked my flight to the UK for September.  Only 13 weeks from today I leave...I am so excited!  I was talking to my friend in the UK today and she told me about a new trail in her village that she will show me for walking and she also told me she has a bike I can use when I'm there...along with a hand-held GPS device so I don't get lost!  I have scouted out the nearest WW meetings and have found a time I think might work when we're in town.  It's a bit too far to bike, but I have the bus schedule figured out (I think) too.  I am not going to be as strict with my food while I am away - I told her today that I thought the 80/20 rule was a good rule of thumb.  Behave during the week and then splurge a bit on the weekends.  I can't wait for Thai food over in's the best Thai food I've ever had (and I've been to Thailand!).  I need to realize that this trip is about the people and the scenery, NOT the food. 

I think I might try swimming tomorrow.  I haven't done laps in a pool in about 20 years or so.  I know I can swim, but I'm just not sure for how long.  I'm also a bit nervous about my shoulder with swimming.  I guess I can always bring my gym clothes and head to the gym if the pool doesn't work out ;-)

Well, I'm off to bake my BBQ'd supper...yes, I put it on the BBQ and poof, I ran out of propane :-(  I guess I shoulda brought my tank with me to Costco this morning...  Oh well...baked chicken ain't so bad! 


Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Nice on the weight loss!! Great start! Oh, you'll have an awesome trip in 13 weeks! Svelt and thin too! :-)

Tanya said...

Thanks Debbi!!