Sunday, June 19, 2011

It's official - I'm an outside runner!

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I hesitate to use the word "runner" when referring to myself, but hey, I'm not exactly standing still, now am I?  I was listening to a podcast over at The Blog Girls Podcast and they were talking about running.  Their take on things is that if you run at all (even if you are learning and only run 10 out of 30 minutes!), you should be able to call yourself a runner :-)  I have to say, if you are a podcast person, you should head over to their site and listen in - the three of them are so funny!  I listen to them on the way home from work sometimes (on the bus) and find myself almost laughing out loud... people are gonna start staring soon... anyway, I digress...back to running.  I know I have been trying to figure out if I like indoor, outdoor, track, treadmill, etc. as my favorite running place and I decided last night (in the rain, no less) that I would much rather run on a trail than on the treadmill.  Second choice I think is the track and last place is the treadmill.  I actually didn't mind running in the rain last night either!  I bought a rain coat (finally!) yesterday and really gave it a test run (no pun intended!).  I am convinced that it will never stop raining here in Nova Scotia, so I've given in... I now use an umbrella and I own a raincoat - two new things for thing you know I'll be wearing rubber boots!!

Tomorrow night I start week 3 (technically this is my 4th week, but I had a repeat).  I will do the walk 3, jog 2 five times... wish me luck!


Tammy said...

Great job with the running and yes I would call you a runner.

Living in the Seattle area, I am all too familiar with rain. This has been a bad year for it and I am ready for some sun.

Good luck on your week 3!

Tanya said...

Thanks Tammy!

Lizzie said...

Hey—yesterday I gave you a Stylish Blogger award. Feel free to pass it on, or to quietly bask in the glow of my appreciation!

Tanya said...

Thanks Lizzie!! I love awards :-) I will take a look at it tonight when I get home from work.

Julie said...

I found it hard to call myself a runner until this last 5K when I ran 2/3 of it (ran out of breath for the last 1/3 but did finish with a sprint). Isn't it awesome to get out there and move your butt? I love it. Keep up the great work. You are doing awesome. Take care and have a blesseed weekend. Hey, speaking of sunshine, today is the first day of sunshine in something like 9 days and 9 days ago it was just an afternoon thing and before that 5 days of rain. 7.2 inches of rain this past week. Soon we'll be floating down the road instead of running it.

Tanya said...

Congrats on the 5k Julie! We're tired of the rain here too...raining again this weekend :-(