Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Do you every find yourself not looking for sweets?

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This is an odd concept for me.  As you may recall, this is the week I committed to diving my 49 weekly points equally between all 7 days, thus using them all up (shocking for me!).  So each day I plan out 37 points.  In the past, I'd plan out about 30 points and then in the evenings I'd be reaching for some dark chocolate or some frozen yogurt (after all, I had the weekly points).  I realized today (day 4 of 7) that I have not had my usual volume of treats!  I've been concentrating so hard on making sure I plan for the 37 points that I didn't have any room (in my points OR my belly) for sweet treats!  That's not to say I haven't had any (Saturday I had a Skinny Cow and Sunday I had some bday cake), but I haven't gone LOOKING for them (those two found me).  I wonder if by not eating (regularly) my weekly points, my body has been looking for SOMETHING and I've interpreted it as a craving for something else?  Am I speaking a foreign language here?  Anyone know what I'm talking about? 

Unfortunately with all my eagerness in planning my food, I didn't plan my exercise well though - I missed planning in some weight training...back to the drawing board - will try and fit some in tonight after physio / running if there's time before the gym closes.  Speaking of running...I screwed up.  I thought I knew what I was supposed to run last week, so I didn't even look at my calendar...turns out I was wrong!  I was supposed to walk 3, run 2 FOUR times (not three).  So I am going to repeat last week this week and will be a week behind... that's OK though.  So many things to keep track of!  Work, food, cardio, learning to run, weight training, family, friends, etc.

Happy almost Hump Day everyone!