Sunday, June 5, 2011

Best supporting actor

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This week's topic at WW was support systems.  What/who is your support system?  Do people's comments help or hinder your journey? 

At this point in my blog post, I would like to take the opportunity to thank my best supporting "actors" in my life.  There are so many of you that I hesitate to name names for fear that I may forget someone.  My immediate family has been amazing - Mom, Dad, Dean, Bren, Kayleigh and Kamryn.  No fear of forgetting any of these amazing people.  The last two on that list are my nieces (ages almost 11 and 7).  I love that I can get out with them in the nice weather and they can ride their bikes while I walk/run with them.  I hesitate to talk too much about weight in front of them as I think little girls are so impressionable and I NEVER want them to stress over their outward appearance.  I don't want them thinking they are fat (they are NOT...they are perfectly beautiful just as they are), but I do think it is important that kids know healthy food from junk food and I am happy to see that they learn these things in school (and at home too!) - I don't recall learning about this stuff when I was in school, which is unfortunate.  I am encouraged when they ask me questions, but still a bit nervous about dwelling on the topic with them, so I tend to try and change the subject...perhaps I should let the conversation flow so that they don't think the topic of health and fitness is taboo...

Ok, I digress - I was thanking the Academy and got sidetracked by something shiny (my family!)  I also have an amazing support system of friends (you know who you are!), colleagues and blogger buddies.  A huge support system for me is also my Saturday morning meeting crowd at Weight Watchers.  We have a fantastic leader (Fiona) and an amazing group of WW members.  It never fails to amaze when she asks how many lifetime members are in the class and all these hands raise up.  I think that this meeting is what has kept me going for the past 20 months (eek, it's been  that long?!!!)  As I mentioned before, I am a repeat offender when it comes to joining WW.  NEVER in my past stints at WW have I ever even noticed lifetime members in my group.  I would guess that my current meeting has at least 6-8 lifetime members who attend regularly.  This is so encouraging to me!  A couple people have mentioned to me that when I get to goal, I should make sure I still go to WW once a month to weigh in...  I don't know about the rest of you, but I plan on going every week!  That Saturday morning group has become like my second family and I would miss it tremendously if I were to stop going.  My leader actually asked me yesterday if I would consider coming to work for WW after I reached goal...hmmm, something to consider for sure!  Not full time, of course, but it would be a great part time job to keep me on track.

Ok, enough sap.  I do feel the need to thank my loyal supporters though - I never want you all to forget how much I appreciate you and how much I value your support.  The people who have encouraged me along the way have shocked and amazed me - people I don't really even know make comments.  Partners in my firm have made comments.  I was called an encouragement in my WW meeting yesterday - what they don't realize is the encouragement this gives me!

Now I'm to make some soup for lunches for the week- busy week ahead with week 2 of my learn to run program, so I have to be prepared so I won't eat out :-)


Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

I totally get what you mean. The online supporters help SO much! I'm so glad you have so much family to help you!

Karen@WaistingTime said...

The best thing about blogging, for me, is the community. Talk about an amazing support network:)