Thursday, June 9, 2011

Eat more?

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I had a session with my personal trainer tonight (first time since she met with me at my own gym to set up a awesome is she?!)  She's mentioned to me before that she thought part of my problem with my slowing weight loss was that I wasn't eating enough to compensate for the exercise I was doing.  As someone who still has the "diet" mentality to a certain degree, I found this odd.  I eat when I'm hungry, don't get me wrong - but I don't see the value in eating when I'm NOT hungry.  She pointed out to me tonight that last week I lost 5 pounds...AND I ate all but about 6 of my weekly 49 WW points!  Ok, so to see which one of us is right, I have agreed to start dividing my 49 points equally between the 7 days in the week (I'll start this next week). If I'm still hungry after those are gone, I'll dip into my activity points.  I'm skeptical.  I still think last week was a fluke (or they'll tell me this week that their scale was broken and I actually GAINED five pounds!!)...we'll see.  Tune in NEXT Saturday (not this one) to see who is right - Tanya or Kellie...

PS - did run #2 of my second week of learning to run.  Three sets of walk 3, jog 2 (plus one extra minute of jogging and a few extras of walking) - total treadmill workout of 27 minutes, then did some ball workouts (which I'm going to try at home).


Natasha Vaughn, Designer said...

Wow how awesome to be told you need to eat MORE. I'm sure you'll find your sweet spot.

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