Sunday, October 24, 2010

I nearly forgot!!

Pin It So I started my post last night with the intentions of telling you about my new leader at WW and it completely slipped my mind.  I will do better this time!

So as some of you may recall, my leader Terry (had been my leader for 51 weeks) left WW on my one year anniversary (Oct 3).  I had often thought that she was what kept me going back to WW and what kept me staying for the meetings.  She was a huge inspiration and encouragement to me and our entire WW group on Saturday mornings - frankly the group adored her (and I believe her attendance was among the highest).  So that rainy, miserable Saturday morning when I had planned to celebrate - had hoped to reach 80lbs gone (was only 0.4lbs away) and was celebrating one year at WW (besides my job, I've never stuck with anything that long before!).  I weighed in (up 1.4!!) and then found out Terry was gone.  My bubble had burst.  I didn't want to like Fiona, the new leader.  I didn't even want to go back to WW.  The illogical part of me blamed Fiona for taking over for Terry, whereas the logical part of my brain knew it wasn't her fault, she was just the replacement - Terry had left WW on her own accord....Soooo, now that I have re-capped, here we go.  I weighed in the next Friday before I went to Ottawa and had lost that 1.4lbs - sadly, still had not reached the 80lb mark.  I went to Ottawa and had a great visit with my friend and even weighted in up there - happily I was down 2.5lbs on the day before I returned home :-)  This week I did little exercise, but my food was bang on (as it usually is) - weigh/measure everything.  I was hoping for a loss..period.  I got my wish - 2.4lbs!  I was tickled.  THEN the meeting started.  People just kept coming in and before you know it, the room was packed (circa Terry-days) and the meeting was AWESOME!  I think I am really going to like Fiona.  I got to wear the flashing green ring (don't ask!) for the meeting because I put my hand up first for having had a great week.  She had us laughing most of the session and, as in the first meeting, she read us a poem she had written on the day's topic.  I wish I were fast enough to write these down!  I may ask her if she can share them with me in paper form so I can tell you more about them - giving her all the credit of course!

Well, must go shower.  My apartment smells so lovely - I woke up to the smell of roast beef in the crockpot and while I love that smell, I really don't want to go to church smelling like a side of cow!

Hope everyone enjoys this beautiful Sunday.  It is a gorgeous day here in Halifax and I plan to enjoy it to the fullest!