Thursday, October 7, 2010

25 Hours to go

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I'm getting excited!  My flight leaves for the great city of Ottawa tomorrow night at 8:30 and I get to see my friend in Nepean (haven't seen her since April!) and later next week my childhood friend in Gatineau (haven't seen in...years!)  I am excited to see my friends and to be away from the office for a week AND to do some cross-border shopping!  Heading to WW tomorrow morning to weigh in before work since I will not be near a WW meeting on Saturday morning.  I attended a meeting on Monday night in Bedford since I knew that I NEEDED a meeting after the week I had last week.  It was an OK meeting, but I think I'm still working through what went on last weekend...things will be fine with my new leader, I have to think positive.  The week has been rough, but the eating has been good and I have exercised three out of the past 5 days, so hoping for good results tomorrow.  Off to make supper now - just got home from my PT session at the gym, so I'm famished!