Monday, January 28, 2013

One giant step... and a frittata that Popeye would be proud of

Pin It I took the plunge and went back to Step class tonight.  Overall it was great (I really do love that class), but my feet and my brain REFUSE to connect!  Oh well, there's always next week.  I did realize that I am probably not ready for the super-hard Wednesday Step class though...maybe in a few weeks after I get my "sea legs" back :)

Tonight's supper:

Spinach and Sweet Potato Frittata made in my Epicure rectangular steamer.  I cut up one small sweet potato, chopped about 1 cup of spinach leaves (remove stems) and microwaved them for 2 minutes in the steamer.  While that's cooking, mix two eggs and 3 egg whites with Epicure seasonings of choice (I used Herb & Garlic, 3 Onion and BLT dip mix).  Stir steamer contents and then add egg mixture and microwave again for 3-4 minutes.  Enjoy!  Super high protein meal that tastes great too!  I think it's missing something, but can't put my finger on it yet...maybe some chopped ham or something...  Stay tuned, I'll let you know if I figure it out!


dad said...

Looks yummy ;-)

Tanya said...

Dad? As in my Dad??? LOL didn't know you read my blog! <3