Sunday, February 3, 2013

My un-Super Bowl un-ribs

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I was inspired to make these "ribs" by my little brother.  He's done an amazing job of losing weight (way to go little Bro!), but I know he dearly misses ribs.  I am determined to find something close to ribs, but much healthier.  Epicure has a "What's for Dinner" pack called Slow Cooker Stampede BBQ Ribs.  Following the directions on the package, each serving of ribs would work out to 19-22 Weight Watchers Points (wowsers!  nearly an entire day's worth of points!).  I knew I could do something to fix this.  So what is it about the ribs that we all love?  It's the MEAT not the bones, right?  And if your sauce has enough flavour, you shouldn't miss all the fat from the ribs, right?  Sooooo... I used super lean boneless pork chops (sirloin I believe) and trimmed any visible fat from them (just over 2 pounds with of pork).  In my slow cooker I added 2 sliced green peppers and 1 long red pepper, 2 onions and 2 tins of mushrooms (drained), put the pork on top and then mixed up my sauce.  The package directions call for ketchup and since I didn't have any, I decided a tin of fire roasted tomatoes would do nicely.  I made the rest of the recipe according to the package (except I didn't have regular vinegar, so I used cider vinegar :)  Points according to my e-tools, based on 6 servings, work out to 7 points+ per serving!  Not bad eh?

My pseudo-ribs are now simmering away in my crockpot and will be supper tonight with some Epicure oven fries (using my brand new bottle of Pizza Seasoning for Oven Fries....I'm so addicted to this stuff!) and some broccoli.  I will eat this all while NOT watching the Super Bowl....sorry football fans - I've got better things to watch!

Stay tuned folks... I'll upload an "after" photo after supper tonight and will give you my final thoughts on these un-ribs.

Little Bro - if this turns out like I hope, I'll save you some to try out :)  xo