Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Yet another odd meal combo!

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I have no name for this one yet.  My friend Lisa at WW inspired it and I modified slightly.  Cook spaghetti squash (I use the microwave), toss in the frying pan with some salsa (homemade Epicure Salsa, of course!) and a chopped onion.  I added some Epicure Maple Bacon Sea Salt, Epicure BLT dip mix and a bit of Epicure Mango Curry dip mix.  Sautée for a bit and then toss in a drained tin of tuna (packed in water).  Cook until heated through and then top with 1 oz of low fat cheddar cheese.  It might be an odd combo, but it totally worked!  Lisa used bacon bits when she made hers and she didn't add tuna (not sure about the onions) or the Epicure spices (at least I don't think so!).  I think this would be even better if I used feta cheese instead of cheddar...yum!!