Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Confessions of a chocoholic (yes, shopoholic too)

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Me at the Eiffel Tower in Paris...obviously!
I am officially back from vacation now and today was day two back to work.  I think I'm suffering from the post-vacation blahs...blech...can I go back?

I had a good vacation. It was great to spend time with friends, be away from the everyday and to relax.  I did some touring (Paris...oooh la la), did eating (LOTS OF EATING) and really did relax.  I'm always sad to leave my friends there, especially my buddy (some of you know her as Anonymous Ann).  It's OK though....I'll be back :)

I won't go into details on my bad eating, but I'll just tell you it was bad.  Very bad.  And completely my own fault.  For some reason when I'm on vacation I develop this awful sense of entitlement - as though I deserve to eat dessert every single day...as though I deserve to have that Starbucks muffin with my coffee... I don't do that at home so there really is NO reason I should be doing this away.  Believe me when I tell you that I was not coerced into it either.  That's it.  Story closed...  the scales will tell the true story on Saturday at WW when I have to pay the piper.  I am moving on and will get back on track.  It might be a significant gain, but it's by no means ALL of it, so I will recover.  I have to...I bought nice clothes in England that I still have to fit into!

I had grand plans to jump back into healthy eating and working out as soon as I landed back home.  The healthy eating has been a success (a minor slip-up, but I DID track it and I DID have the points available to cover it), but after two days back to work, I have still not hit the gym.  Missed step last night and am going to have to miss zumba tonight.  I'm just too doggone tired!  I will give myself this week to get the eating under control and to get over the jet-lag.  Next week - no excuses!

In case you missed last night's post, you should check it out - I made cauliflower pizza crust!  Yum!