Saturday, May 15, 2010

Where you least expect it

Pin It So, I think I've already established that I have a superb support system of friends and family.  This week proved to me that I also am blessed to have such a support system at work.

Tuesday we were scheduled to go out for supper with the admin girls at work.  We had planned to go the Fife and Drum (bar at the Marriott hotel) - I'd been there since beginning WW, so I had already broken down the points for their spinach salad, which was oh so tasty!  I was all set to go...until I looked at their online menu on Tuesday morning and realized that they no longer had my salad on the menu!  Now most restaurants would have something suitable for someone on WW...not so much here.  They did have a couple other salads - caesar (might as well have a big mac!) and one that had bacon and chips in it!  Everything else was deep fried-ish (wings, nachos, potato skins, etc.).  I decided on Tuesday afternoon that I would quietly back out of dinner and go home - there was no way I could fit this stuff into my daily plan, nor did I want to (well, I DID want the food, but I want to be in control even more).  In the end, I decided i would go and have a diet sprite and then beg off early.  I got there and everything was going according to my plan - was getting ready to bolt from those wings/nachos/skins and go home and have my salad.  All of a sudden the waitress appears with this spinach salad (with dressing on the side)!  I was so confused!  I hadn't even ordered a salad!  Turns out that my co-worker, Angela, had gone over to 44 North (the "real" restaurant at the Marriott) and asked if they would put together a spinach salad for me and bring it over...and they did!!  I was so touched!!  I was trying not to be too much of a stick in the mud, just sitting there, not eating anything, but I was feeling very sad and...quite honestly...very sorry for myself!  Angela's actions were so encouraging to me and meant more to me than she will ever know.  Eating at home and at work is one thing - you can easily control those environments (for the most part!), but eating out is somewhat unpredictable and hard to control...

So Thursday was my first day this week that I was able to go to water aerobics.  My friend/neighbor, Cheryl, had finally been free to come with me.  She normally has yoga on Thurs nights, but it was cancelled this week and she and I were both really looking forward to aquanoodle!  Off we go, both in our new swimsuits and we get to the door of the pool and it is CLOSED FOR MAINTENANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So sad....  So I go home to make my salad I had planned for supper...lettuce wilted...thought I'd make myself a baked potato to go with my salmon I'd planned to have on my salad...potatoes had sprouted, tomato was yucky, grrrrr!  Thursday was NOT a good day WW-wise.  So I had my salmon and some brown rice and corn for supper with a bit of spicy thai chili sauce on was OK, but a disappointing day nonetheless.

Off to begin a new week!  Tomorrow I am going with Bianca and Demon to an Indonesian gathering...beware of the food!!!!!!  Perhaps this week I'll commit to being vegetarian (zero point veggies only)!  lol just kidding...although today I did try a veggie (portabello) burger and it wasn't bad!


Shondi said...

Woohoo - another 1.2 lbs!

That was so nice of your coworker to think of you that way.

You're lucky to have so much support!