Monday, May 31, 2010


Pin It So this week I stayed the same...not sure why - I exercised 5 out of 7 days, stayed on program the entire week...the only difference was the clothing I wore - the new dress I wore (yes, I wear a dress to WW...they're light!) was about 4 oz heavier than my usual dress, PLUS I work a tight tanktop underneeth it (to keep things from wobbling!)...that only accounts for just under a pound...I was hoping for more.  Now I have 3 more weigh ins left to lose 7.8lbs...not looking good to reach my pre-SE Asia goal I'm afraid...oh well, on the brighter side of things, the Canadian gov't has improved the travel warning to Thailand!  It's gone from Avoid All Travel to Avoid Non-Essential Travel to today's warning "Exercise High Degree of Caution"...which I think is where it normally stands!  Woohoo!!!  I'm excited that it's looking good for our Bangkok trip - I was SO looking forwared to Bangkok :-)

Well, I'm signing off now...supposed to go to watercise tonight, but not really "feeling it"...I really SHOULD go, but am feeling a bit demotivated today...wanting a night at home to myself (not something I've had a lot of lately)...also need to do laundry :-)


Shondi said...

Hey - don't let a 'stay the same' week get you down! You've done so well already, plus it probably means you'll do great next week!

Where did you get your new dress - what's it look like?!

Shondi said...

P.S. Are you still working on that big list of yours? How's it going?

Tanya said...

Thanks Shondi :-)

New dress is from zellers -all sun dresses were on sale this week (I think 19.99 and 24.99)...I will email you a pic from the flyer.

I was thinking about my list this morning! Have not updated it yet..I must get on that.