Sunday, May 9, 2010

Do I know you?

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Well, I really realized last week that I'd made a change in my appearance...I met a friend for supper that I hadn't seen since before I began WW (this time!).  We were meeting at my usual haunt (Swiss Chalet...where the points always satisfy!) and I went up to the hostess for a table for two and told her that my friend may have already gotten us a table - sure enough, she was already there.  She said she'd seen me come in and didn't recognize me! lol  I'm sure it only took a split second before she did finally know it was me, but I think I threw her off a bit!  It was a great feeling :-)  I often wished in the past that I could go away to "Fat Camp" and come back all skinny and beautiful, but when you are losing weight and the same people see you every day, sometimes it gets dull and boring, so it's nice to run into someone you haven't seen in months and get that warm gushy feeling...not sure I'm explaining what I'm really thinking, but I'm trying.  Anyways, moving on!  

Made my "regular" muffin recipe this week, but instead of banana, I used pumpkin (thanks Shondi!).  I realized after I made them that I should have bumped up the sugar a tad...forgot that ripe bananas are sweet...whereas, not so much :-(  Oh well, I did eat them anyways!  By the last one I actually considered NOT changing the sugar back when I make 'em again!

So I had a goal I'd set for myself wayyyyyy back in January when I booked my trip to SE Asia.  To reach that goal, I need to lose 10.8lbs in the next 6 weeks!  This past week was a slow week, but this week I'm aiming for a big number like the week before when I lost 4lbs.  I don't care if I have to drink my way to and from work every day (in water, that is!) and run around the buildings at lunch time, I'm gonna pull at least a 2lb loss this week!!!  At seven months into the program, losses of 2lbs or more are rare as your body starts to slow down, but I've discovered if I shock my body by doing something new (like I've done in the past 3 weeks with water-cise), it reacts positively.  I think this week I'll bring my sneakers to work and start walking at lunchtime if the weather cooperates...then again...I work downtown where almost everything is connected by PEDWAYS!  lol I guess I really have no excuse :-)

OK, so I'm off to prepare for the week - lunch is ready (made turkey soup tonight) so I just have to pull it together and set out my breakfast and put my sneakers by the door and I'm off to the races!  Wish me luck!!!!!