Monday, September 17, 2012

Bootcamp: the final frontier

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Captain Tanya of the Right to Bare Arms Enterprise, Star-date 17 September 2012.  I am determined to try new things.  I am also determined to work on strength training and toning.  Today's mission was a unique one.  Day one of Bootcamp.  It was a successful mission.  I think.  Well, I lived, so in my book...that's a win!  Hahaha  I was happy to see a friend of mine from Zumba is in the class with me.  Also, the class only has 6 participants, which makes it more personal.  The earlier class has 18!!!  The great thing about this class is that it's taught by my personal it's like getting personal training (twice per week) for 10 weeks for less than I'd pay for 4 personal sessions!  They call the earlier one Bikini-babe Bootcamp (all female) and this one Hardcore Conditioning (co-ed).  I was intimidated by the title of this one, until I found out they were identical :)

One class down, 19 to go!