Saturday, December 17, 2011

Where's Waldo?

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Sorry I have been so absent lately (again!) spacebar on my laptop is still not working right (although much better today after taking the compressed air to it!!)  I thought I could blog from my Playbook, but it really isn't easy to type a blog post with two fingers :)

Not much new for me lately...things are crazy at work and in my personal life, although the personal life is more working out/grocery shopping/cooking...*sigh* if only I had Oprah's chef.....and her money!  I have still been going to Zumba (twice this week!) and Step (although I missed Monday because I was sick) and Super Power classes.  I am thrilled that the holiday schedule at the gym is keeping my classes the same!  I'm going to be able to fit in more classes because of the way my work schedule is over Christmas...I am aiming to go to at least 4 classes the week between Christmas and New Years.

This was my first week on the "new" Points Plus2012 program.  Not sure what today's results will bring.  I went to a Christmas party on Saturday night and used up a TON of my weekly points, then was sick Sunday and Monday (no, I did NOT party THAT hard!) and really didn't get my appetite back until Wednesday.  I stuck to the reduced 26 points as best I could.  Yesterday I had pizza...I can't even remember the last time I had REAL pizza.  I allowed myself one slice of Heart Smart Vegetarian pizza...when I saw it I struggled to see what was so heart smart about it - I'm sure there isn't a cardiologist in the country (world even) who would put their stamp of approval on this!  Soooo, all that to say that today's results are a crap shoot.  Not sure about the sodium in pizza, but I don't normally eat "off" things in the day or two before weigh in for fear of water counteract the pizza, I drank about a dozen or more glasses of water yesterday...fingers crossed!! 

I don't weigh in for a couple of hours yet, but my rude neighbor had me awake at 5:45am, so I thought I'd pop in here and see what was going on.  Busy day ahead - WW then have a few shopping things to pick up, then hair appointment, then tonight is my work Christmas party.  I'm not too concerned about the food tonight...I'm having salmon and asked them to hold the rice and replace it with a BIG PILE OF VEGGIES (as opposed to the 6 string beans that would normally pass as a serving of veggies there).  I will have dessert (it'll cost me 16 points!) and I will likely have white wine spritzers or just diet sprite to drink...I'm not much of a drinker - I'd rather EAT my calories than drink them!

My game plan over the holidays is to allow myself one day per week to splurge (within my allotted points).  Last week was a Christmas party, this week another one, next week is, of course, Christmas and the following is New Years, although I have no plans for NY Eve yet...I am hoping to at least maintain, but would be thrilled to see a loss...I would love to get to my goal weight by my 37th 20 days.  Sounds do-able (6.5 pounds in 20 days)...but at the rate I've been losing, it could be Easter yet!

Happy Saturday everyone :)  I'll update my weightloss ticker in a few hours once I've returned home.


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