Thursday, December 29, 2011

I just realized something HUGE!

Pin It I've found my LOVE OF FITNESS!!!  It only took me 2 years, but I've found it!  I found myself asking them at the gym tonight to add some sort of cardio/strength class to their schedule for Wednesday nights because that was the only weeknight (besides Friday) that had no class (other than that awful kickboxing class I told you about before, which doesn't count)...she told me "well, we do have Step on Mondays and Zumba on Tues/Thurs" and I gave her a blank look...she said "well, Zumba is not for everyone!" then I laughed and told her I did all those classes but that there was nothing on Wednesday for me to do!  I can't believe that I, Tanya-fitness-class-hater, am asking for more! Feeling so  energized after a great Zumba class tonight!!  I could do another class right now...but it's getting late, so I should have supper instead :)

Yes folks, the biggest breakthrough of 2011...Tanya Loves Fitness... mark that one in the history books. 


renee said...

gosh tanya, you are such an inspiration.
i'm happy that you love fitness!!

Tanya said...

Thanks Renee!! How's the Wii fit coming along?

Debby said...

Thats so awesome!! I remember when you were 'scared' of Zumba!! What an amazing accomplishment!! And youre so close to goal!! You are such a great inspiration!!

renee said...

it's coming along pretty well, thanks.
i'm still figuring it out.
so many options.

Shondi said...

That's great, Tanya! Maybe you could do water aerobics on Wednesday nights? Or a community fitness class?

Tanya said...

Water aerobics is an option, but I think the class is at 6 which doesn't give me enough time to get home and get the car...and gets me home after 8pm by bus I think (with wet hair). I just did a step class on my Wii tonight and burned 350 calories in a 49 minute workout (including warmup/cooldown) so will likely do that on Wed nights :)