Saturday, December 3, 2011

It's not a's a live-it!

Pin It Nope, have not forgotten about you all!  Having issues with my laptop bar only works sometimes...whichmakesthingshardtoread!  I've been avoiding my laptop, not my blog :)  I'm currently writing this post from my new Blackberry Playbook...I'm test-driving it for a while to see if it will be a suitable replacement for my laptop :)  They were on sale this week for 60% off!!!  If this works out, it will likely cheaper than fixing my laptop.

We had a sub leader at WW today and she was great!  Most of the time when we have a sub they are so-so. She was the one who told us to think of this as a live-it not a diet.  I like that!

I am pleased to report that I was down 1.9 today!!!  I am now only 7.2 lbs from goal.  I am excited about the new changes coming to WW next week and am hoping this is what I need to get me to the finish line.

Well I am off to do some Christmas baking.  May post photos and recipes later if I have time.


Shondi said...

Welcome back and congrats on the loss! Changes? What kind of changes?! ;0)

The Incredible Shrinking Woman said...

You have made such amazing progress, and I love that you are so close to goal!!! It's been awesome going through this journey with you. (Virtually speaking. ;)

Tanya said...

Shondi- more flexibility in daily points is about all we know so far-more details next week!

Charlie - YOU ROCK! I love those before and after pics you posted this week :) It has been awesome going through this with you too!!

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