Thursday, September 1, 2011

Second last post

Pin It After today I will likely only have one more post before I leave for England.  Tomorrow I have a personal training session in the morning and Saturday morning I weigh in.  My trainer is going to take my measurements tomorrow (last taken in May I think), so on Saturday I'll give you an update on total loss (hopefully no gain!) and inches lost...I don't think I've posted inches lost here before...

I am officially done work until September 27th, which is a great feeling.  I'm off tomorrow, so that'll give me time to do laundry and run some last minute errands.  I'm nearly packed - just stuff I wore this week that I want to take with me that I have to wash tomorrow and then that's it!  I still only have plans for London for two days - other than that, I'll wing it I guess :)  Anonymous (aka Ann) says she has some things in mind, so I suspect I may end up like a cruise guest...wake up in the morning with my itinerary for the day taped to my door! haha  I actually like having not much planned - it's been over a year since I had vacation and I need some downtime.

I can't recall if I told you how good my Adzuki Bean and Squash soup was?  It was very good - not so good the first night, but re-heated the next day it was great!  I have some in the freezer for when I get home.  Still have to get rid of the barley and bean dish I made a couple weeks ago...might pull out a couple containers from the freezer to send home with my trainer tomorrow :)

Off to finish to everyone again before I leave on Saturday.