Saturday, September 3, 2011

This is it

Pin It Well folks, this is it.  My last post before I go away to England.  I am sure you will hear from me at some point while I'm away, but by no means as much as usual :)

First of all I wanted to mention that a dear, dear family member passed away today.  My cousin Eric (Mom's first cousin) passed away sadly.  He and his wife, Sharon, were missionaries in the Philippines.  I don't have any details yet, but am sad that I won't get to see Eric again, this side of Heaven.  I am so grateful that he and Sharon made it to Halifax this summer when they were home to Canada for a visit and that I got to see them.  Eric, you will be greatly missed.

So here are the details I promised you all:

Weight lost today = 0.7lbs (yay!!!)
Total pounds lost to date = 115.9
Pounds to get to Dr Val's goal = 8.7
Inches lost since May 2011 = 12
Inches lost to date = 80.75 (plus whatever I've lost in the upper chest area (above the girls) recent measurements for that area...must remember to do that next time!)

My BMI has gone from 45.6 to 27.9
My body fat % has gone from 48 to 30.7 (apparently for someone of my age, height, etc., this is in the healthy range!!)

I am all packed and ready to go.  I don't have to leave for the airport til 6pm, so I have the day to relax.  The only thing I have to do before I go is remove my A/C from the window (I'd hate for a hurricane to do it for me while I'm gone!!).  I will not be weighing in (I don't think) while I am gone.  I am not sure if I will keep a food journal or just make a conscious effort to eat healthy whenever possible (with treats throughout the trip, obviously).  I plan to move around lots, so hopefully that'll help me at least maintain while I'm away.  That's all I want really :)

Cheerio everyone! "See" you in a few weeks :)


Anonymous said...

Wow you are such a star. Not sure I will know it is you in person!

I have a scale and you can weigh yourself in stones! That will keep them guessing...

Let the games begin - see you in less than 6 hours! Ann

Tanya said...

Haha, funny girl. Will give your stone scales a try - I was thinking of switching to kilos as I like the smaller number but stones will be even better eh? ;-) See you when you get home from work!

Angela Pea said...

Have FUN!!!!