Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Greetings from the UK

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Yes, I am still alive!  Week three of vacation and I thought I would check in and let you know I'm still among the living.  I will admit it now, before my official WW weigh in a week from Saturday - I will have a gain.  I am completely off the wagon.  I have been making sure I get my water and fruits/veggies, but other than that... phft...nada.  Tomorrow I am headed to a local gym and will concentrate on that for the next few days while I'm here.  It's only 3GBP per day for the gym, which is less than a mile from the house, so it's off I go tomorrow. 

Dugger Family in London!  Walked right by them :)

I have done London (saw the Dugger Family!) and have toured around the Yorkshire area, done a ton of shopping (now I actually have some clothes to wear when I get home...I literally had no winter clothes that fit at home!) and have done a lot of relaxing, which is nice..I needed that.  We are headed to Castle Howard (York) on Thursday for the day and then I just have Friday and the weekend and then, sadly, it's over :(  Three weeks goes by so fast! 

I'll be back to somewhat regular blogging next week...in the meantime, I am hoping and praying that the scales here at Ann's place are SERIOUSLY off (my 3rd day here it showed I had gained 9 pounds and now it's showing 11...).  I am expecting some of a gain, but hoping it's not 11 pounds!



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