Saturday, May 21, 2011

Walking your butt off...literally

Pin It Well, I guess walking is a great form of exercise.  We figure we walked about 12 hours (average) each of Saturday and Sunday last weekend.  I am figuring (hoping!) that this counteracted all the treats we had over the weekend.  I actually LOST weight this week (0.7 pounds) - yay!  After my return I earned 29 activity points (Tues-Fri), which is what I would normally earn in a full 7 days...whew, I'm beat! 

Still no pics of my Bangor purchases...the week's been nuts.  I may give you the readers digest version over the weekend though if I have time.

So lately I've been giving more and more thought to maintenance and the end of THIS journey (not the end of my journey...really just the end of this leg \of it).  In some strange way, I've been enjoying this journey and all it's brought me - it really has shown me what wonderful friends and family I have and how supportive they all are.  I am closer to my goal than I have ever been (well, except on the way UP ;-) and part of me is afraid.  What will happen when I'm done?  What will I look forward to?  What will my goal be once I've reached my goal?  Any thoughts from you folks out there? 


Shondi said...

Hi Tanya,

Even though you'll eventually be 'done' with the weight loss phase, you can always set a new goal that's not weight related. Remember that long list you made awhile back? Maybe there are things on there you could focus on instead of weight loss. Maybe you want to take some courses or learn a new language or improve your photography skills. Or train for a marathon, research your family tree or buy a house. The possibilities are endless and the sky's the limit!

Tanya said...

;-) great ideas!