Saturday, May 28, 2011

Losing weight helps you look good in clothes...Exercise helps you look good naked

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This was the quote from the Weight Watchers weekly that I got at my meeting this morning and I though it was so fitting. 

I've been thinking a lot lately about exactly this.  People tell me I look good.  People have asked me if I'm at my goal.  I think to myself (and depending on how well I know them I'll say it out loud) "Are you crazy???  Have you SEEN me naked??"  Sure, with the right clothes and the right supportive undergarments (aka gut-suckers) I look OK fully clothed... in my birthday suit, however, not so much.  I sometimes look at myself (no folks, I don't stand in front of the mirror staring at myself all the time!) and wonder how to fix what I've done to myself.  The weight loss, I think, was the easy part.  But it's what's left behind that is going to be my problem.  Those of you who have lost a significant amount of weight know what I'm talking about.   I won't get into gory details and you will NEVER, EVER see pictures :-)  Stay tuned as I may talk more on this topic and steps I started looking into taking to fix the problem.

I have a love-hate relationship with exercise.  I have never hit that point where I truly love it.  I am always glad that I've done it - I get to the point that I'm glad I went to the gym when I start sweating (I'm not much of a sweater, so I know I'm working hard when I really sweat at the gym).  I find I get bored.  I am OK with the treadmill - especially now that the cable is hooked up to the personal TVs at the gym - I like to watch HGTV (don't get that channel at home), so I try to time my workouts around some of my fav HGTV shows for motivation.  I do the stepper - not because I love it, but because it earns me more activity points than any other cardio machine at the gym.  I love the rower - but, alas, it earns very little points.  Strength training I am learning to like.  No TVs on the machines though ;-) 

This week I am hoping to get out "running" twice.  Maybe three times if I can find another "running date" for a third time.  I have a running date with one friend on Monday night and another friend on Friday night.  I am still looking into running programs here in the city and am also trying to convince my physiotherapist that he needs to get his running program started soon - ideally I'd join his program as I think he could keep me motivated (and injury free!!).  I am hereby committing to 4 days of exercise this week.  That would be twice what I did last week (shame on me, I know).  Will you hold me accountable?

These past two weeks I have found myself losing control.  I thought I had a handle on eating and could not track my food for a few days and still be OK.  Four days in Bangor, I think I did well.  The scale showed a loss last week of 0.7 pounds, which I was happy with.  Then it was out to supper with the girls from work, out to lunch with a friend a few days later, then a work event out of town...I really let myself get away with way too much these past couple of weeks, resulting in a 1.5 pound gain this week.  I think I need to get back to basics.  Not restricting myself, but just making sure I track 100% and try to avoid situations that I cannot control.  I'm not saying we have to be in control 100% of the time, but I don't think (personally) I can let myself get into these situations this frequently and still see success on the scale. 

I have been very negligent with my blog lately.  I used to have these inspiring thoughts to blog about all the time.  Lately I seem to lack the creativity to write.  It's not that I'm ignoring you all, I've simply had nothing new to say...and some things just aren't worth repeating!  How do you all come up with blog topics/ideas?  Some of you are clearly natural writers - I find I can write, if I have a story to tell... Some people's daily lives are just blog-worthy all on their own :-)  Are there any topics you'd like me to cover?  Any questions you may have for me?

PS - not sure if anyone else is having issues with posting comments on Blogger, but if you would like to comment on this post and Blogger won't allow it, please feel free to email me:  I would love to read your thoughts!


Angela Pea said...

That quote in the weekly was Spot On!!

Anonymous said...

I don't think you necessarily have to 'blog' each day, 2nd day or weekly. In other words some kind of pattern in order to be a blogger.

If you feel you have something to say then post or wait until the end of the week to do a round-up the week.

That's my two cents worth. xo Keep up the good work Tanya.(: Ann

Anonymous said...

Oh Wow I like that..."Losing Weight helps you look good in clothes, exercising helps you look good naked...".

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