Saturday, August 21, 2010

Shopping, shopping, shopping...

Pin It So I had a good week overall.  Work was busy, but I like it that way.  Went to the new Bath and Body Works store at Mic Mac Mall on Thursday night with my friend Cheryl.  After we finished there, she convinced me to go into Ricki's - I protested, telling her nothing there would fit me (they do NOT have a plus size section).  She insisted and in we went.  Not only did the clothes fit, but I did not have to buy the largest size!  This was my first official venture into a store that carries NO plus size clothes...and it was exciting!  Tried on some Christmas party dresses at sears that I loved, but am going to hold off on buying anything like that until I go on my cross-border shopping trip in October.

Weighed in this morning and was down 1lb.  I'm pleased with that.  Things have been slowing down with the weightloss, but I am still averaging 1.5 lbs/week over the past 10 1/2 months, which is considered a very healthy average.  I would love to hit my goal by Christmas (or before!), but I don't want to rush things and then "relapse" ;-)

Heading out for another long walk with Cheryl tonight - different route planned than last Saturday...a bit shorter than our 8K we did!

Off to the races!


Shondi said...

Soooooo - did you buy anything?! Congrats on finding a new source for clothes. Oh the possibilities!

Tanya said...

I did! I bought a pair of pants at Ricki's (size 14!) and three tops...all for about $45! Held back at Sears though - want to save myself for our cross border trip :-)