Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It's like riding a bike...you never forget

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This phrase is actually in reference to riding a bike...only I did forget.  At least how to stop.  This is the result.  I did OK on the bike itself for about 10 seconds and then I decided I should stop before I rounded the corner on D&B's street and down the steep hill for the St. Marg. Bay Road into oncoming traffic...I applied the breaks and then realized I then needed to put my feet back on the ground, only to remember (too late) that my feet don't REACH the ground!  I was on D's bike and he's a bit taller than me (and his legs are WAY longer!) and therefore his bike is a bit too big for me...thankfully (or not...) I was near a tree, so when I applied the breaks and came to a dead stop on two wheels I fell to the right into the poor tree.  In a way, it's a good thing the tree was there, otherwise I would have fallen into my own car, which was on the other side of the tree...I would have been REALLY upset had I scratched my car!  The good news is, the scratch, while long, is fairly minor.  It didn't hurt as much as my hand that I stabbed with a fork on Saturday :-)

Well, I have not given up on bike riding - I need to find someone closer to my height so I can try again to see if a bike is something I would ever want to invest in...stay tuned.

Oh, I finally made that Pork stew - ended up making it in the oven, but it was delish!