Saturday, August 7, 2010

Plateau :-(

Pin It So I stayed the same this week.  I admit I am disappointed, but at the same time I can't say I'm truly surprised.  I exercised once this week - nobody to blame but myself.  I ate WAY too many zero point foods which sounds like a silly reason, but when you keep eating zero point foods (veggies and such) in large quantities, eventually they SHOULD add up to count as points...the way the points work is calories+fat+fibre=points - fibre brings the points down, so veggies for the most part end up being zero...however...there is a cap of 4gm fibre per serving, so when having say two servings of green beans you double the calories, but the fibre maxes out at 4, so two cups would be 0.5pts...BUT in the online system if I had say one cup of green and one cup of yellow...still zero.  I know I'm only fooling myself by not counting something for these veggies...and I am not going to cut DOWN on veggies, but I think this week I need to make a concerted effort to eat something for lunch/dinner other than salads.  What I did this week was filled up on veggies/salads and surrounded those foods with bad things (chocolate!) because I "had points leftover" and I could fit them in...not smart.  I should be eating more whole grains, protein, etc.  I'm also bloated this week, but that's no excuse either!

Ok, there's my rant.  I'm off to have brunch (was gonna have a salad, but have pre-planned for bacon and eggs!) with Naomi, who I have not seen in ages.  Tomorrow is our annual outdoor service for church (picnic, BBQ), so I have to pick up stuff to bring to that.  Should be a fun weekend!