Saturday, October 24, 2009

Not lost

Pin It Nope, didn't get lost at home around 2 and decided to make my Tom Yum soup right away...let me just say this...YUMM-O! I didn't add all of the spiciness that it called for (cut it back by about 1/4), but next time (um, maybe next weekend) I'll add the full shot. Pot made 5 servings at 4 points each - I could have added more mushrooms and broth to make it go further and cut down on the points - maybe next time.

My loss this week was 1.4lbs. Not what I had hoped for, but I'm averaging 2.7lbs per week so far, so I guess, by WW standards, I can't biggest issue is I'm watching The Biggest Loser where these people are losing upwards of 15lbs in a week! Now mind you - they have personal trainers for 6-8hours per day...and no outside temptations (other than the challenges)...


Shondi said...

I'm glad you weren't lost. Congratulations on another loss! Are you going to post the soup recipe? It sounds good.