Saturday, October 24, 2009

Nope, it's not time yet...

Pin It Have not gone to WW yet...just sat down and planned my menu for the week - going to sobeys after is the menu (no particular order, just meal ideas for each meal of the day):

Oatmeal (packet) with apple
Egg white/bacon/tomato omelet
Apple pancakes
PB and Banana sandwich on toast
Yogurt with berries

Tom Yum Soup
Frozen WW dinner
leftover stirfry
Turkey/Ham sandwich
leftover corn chowder
Asian Brown rice

Tom Yum soup
Stirfry (chicken)
Shrimp (garlic with tomatoes...maybe over brown rice)
Fish of some sort - likely tilapia or salmon
Chicken x 2 (BBQ enough for 2 meals)
Corn chowder

Off to shower and head to WW....hopefully by the time I return from the grocery store, my obnoxiously loud neighbours will have finished moving out...I am PRAYING that's what is going on up there...otherwise I'm gonna go up and knock some heads together!


Shondi said...

Did you get lost at Sobeys?!