Friday, June 21, 2013

Will she make it to the finish line?

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Well folks, today is day 6 of my commitment to tracking for a full week.  Yesterday I realized that it was our building's annual Ice Cream Day... not just any old ice creams though - they bring in the Nestle ice cream freezers full of delicious frozen goodness.  Now in my past life (you know, last week) this would have derailed me - I would have felt like I deserved it (there's that sense of entitlement again....) and would have probably not tracked it...or the rest of the week (why do these things always come up on close to the finish line?!)  This week, however, I tracked it.  Actually I took a guess that it would be 10 points and I plugged that in.  On my way home from work on the bus I decided to actually look up the nutritional info and calculate the REAL point value for my evil treat... guess what?  It was 9 points!  Sweet!  Sooooo, I have tracked all week and I still have weekly points left.  Here's hoping I don't blow it tonight!  Nope, nothing special on the go tonight - but I tend to have those out of body experiences on Friday nights where I look down and see myself chowing down on anything in sight - knowing full well that I have to weigh in the following morning.

My other One Small Change for the week was to try to implement some more/new power foods (green triangles).  I was reviewing the WW Power Foods listing the other day and I realized something - I eat a TON of power foods.  Looking at that list I realized that I eat nearly everything on there that a) we can get around here and b) that I'm not allergic to.  There are a few exceptions, but for the most-part, I think I'm in good shape when it comes to power foods.  I did have a power food that I hadn't had in a while - cabbage...yummm  I made my cabbage roll casserole...sooo yummy and it lasted me nearly all week! I still have half a head of cabbage left so if anyone has ideas on another recipe I can make for the upcoming week...let me know!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's update to see if I make it - and to see how a full week of tracking reflects on the scales.  I'll also bring you next week's "One Small Change".


Mangolin said...

Tanya - you should try this! YUM!

Tanya said...

Sounds yummy!! Thanks!