Sunday, June 23, 2013

One small change - June 23, 2013

Pin It Sadly my hard work did not show on the scales this week.  I stayed the same :(  Onward and upward though.  I admit that I did go to Sobeys to visit my best friend in the bakery - she greeted me with "Sorry Honey, no red velvet today!"  Even though it has been several weeks since I've been to see her, sadly she still remembers me... I ended up with a peanut butter chocolate cupcake.  While very good, it was no red velvet...  Oh well....

This week we discussed VACATIONS vs vacations - VACATIONS being going away somewhere you don't go all the time (special occasions) vs taking time off and hanging around home (aka stay-cations).  My One Small Thing for this week as I prepare to head on VACATION is to make a concerted effort to track and stay on-point while I'm away - both with food and with fitness.  I will treat myself, yes, but I will not seek out opportunities to indulge myself (although a Beaver Tail in downtown Ottawa on Canada day may be in order...those of you not from Canada should Google Beaver Tails!).  My plan is to track while I'm gone and to keep my "at home" meals as healthy as possible.  Knowing the friend I'm going to visit, I'm sure that won't be an issue (she's a great supporter!)

On another note, I had my photos done yesterday... I'm not much for getting my picture taken, but I was getting my corporate head-shots done for a thing at work.  The photographer (Nicole Lapierre) was a lot of fun and insisted I bring a change of clothes for some less "corporate-y" photos (included in the fee, of course) mother will love these, I'm sure. Despite my hesitance to have my picture taken, I did have fun!  I'll post a pic or two once I get them from her.