Sunday, June 16, 2013

One small change - June 15, 2013

Pin It Last week's small change was to try and change up my breakfast.  As I mentioned before, I eat the same thing for breakfast nearly every single day (oatmeal, banana, peanut butter).  My plan this week was to try a different breakfast two times during the week.  On Saturday I made myself a delicious omelet with lots of veggies, some Canadian bacon and low fat cheese.  It was yummy, as I suspected it would be.  On Sunday I had Corn Bran Squares with banana and blueberries.  Another nice breakfast.  I learned two things - Corn Bran Squares do not keep me full as long as oatmeal, but eggs do.  The problem is...the omelet took WAY more time to prepare (hands-on prep) than I am interested in spending on a work-day morning.  Lesson of the week: eggs on the weekend, oatmeal during the week.  Small change of the week....done!

Next week I have committed to make a change back to an old habit: tracking.  I have been tracking for the first part of the week and then by late Wednesday/Thursday I stop.  I don't know why, but I do.  For three years I tracked faithfully, but lately I'm falling behind.  This week I will track for the full seven days - no matter what.

My other small change this week is to try and find a new power food.  For those of you are WW members, you know those foods - they have the green triangle next to them :)

Ok, here we go.. another new week with loads of possibilities!


bren said...

keep keeping on :) you rock :)