Saturday, August 18, 2012

Reality Bites

Pin It I know I've been among the missing for the past month or so.  I've wanted to bog, but just wasn't sure what to blog about to be perfectly honest.  My first weigh in after hitting lifetime status at WW saw a 2 pound weight gain.  This was OK though - I was nearly 2 pounds under goal when I reached lifetime, so I had a couple of pounds to "play" with.  A couple of weeks ago I went on vacation...and things went further south.  Don't get me wrong - I had a GREAT vacation and enjoyed spending time with my family.  What went wrong was ME.  I have always struggled with social eating, but I really let it get out of control this time.  I weighed in today for the first time in a month and was (regrettably) up 5.9 stinking pounds.  I had to pay the piper today at WW...literally.  I have to pay the weekly meeting fee until I get to within 2 pounds of goal again.  Not only that, but my free eTools is no longer free :( 

So here I am.  Humbled by the cockiness that I seemed to have developed once I reached lifetime.  I've always "preached" that this was not a diet that I did - that it is a new lifestyle.  Apparently I need to listen to my own advice and learn how to LIVE that lifestyle...all the time. 

Here's my plan: track, track, track; exercise as much as I can; stick to the diet lifestyle that I know works.  I have 4 months until my next vacation and I really want to get a handle on this before then.  I'm going somewhere where I love the food, so it will be difficult, but completely doable.  One thing I did do right on this past vacation was to stick with my usual breakfast (oatmeal, fruit, peanut butter).  I'll do that on the next vacation as well.  I think if I control snacking between meals I will do fine - that seemed to be a problem for me this time...not sure why - I'm usually just an evening snacker :)  Groceries (healthy ones) are bought, turkey chili has been made and I may just make another recipe tomorrow (turkey burgers maybe?).  I have a plan and I'm on a mission...wish me luck!

Humbly yours,


Julie said...

I'm still so impressed with your success! Just like before, you will prevail. Just keep doing what you've been are an inspiration. xxoo

Sandra MacDonald said...

It will come off quickly again and you will be back on track. It is hard to be as good on vacation as at home! You will do it girl...don't be too hard on yourself...lesson well learned!

Shondi said...

Part of living is going on vacation. And there'll inevitably be some ups and downs along the way. You'll get right back on track - everything will be okay. You rock!

Angela Pea said...

I find it WAY too easy to be overconfident! ;)

Get back to the plan and move yourself. It will come off again.