Tuesday, August 21, 2012

If I had a million dollars

Pin It I'd still eat Kraft Dinner...I'd just eat MORE!  haha I heard this song on the radio tonight on the way home from work and had a WICKED craving for KD!  Thankfully I a) had none in the house and b) had a salad pre-made and ready to go.

Speaking of salad (yes, again!)...I've decided something - two things actually.  First of all, I don't need salad dressing - from now on it's balsamic vinegar and olive oil (flavored or not) all the way...and maybe salsa.  Second thing I've decided is this - if you feel you NEED salad dressing on your salad for flavour...you ain't doin' it right!  My salad has SO much flavour that I think salad dressing might ruin it :)  Tonight's combo was cinnamon pear balsamic and the last (sadly) of my chipotle olive oil.  SOOOO YUMMY!  It was one of those salads I didn't want to end.  I topped it with a bit of leftover rainbow trout that I'd cooked with dill, cherry tomatoes and red onions - just tossed the leftovers over the salad (cold) and enjoyed.  Did I mention the feta??

That's it...no more salad talk.  Must go get some KD....errr, I mean...must go ZUMBA!