Friday, January 29, 2010

Tortilla Pizza

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I've been craving pizza for a while (ever since the Alexandra's Pizza flyer came in the mail last fav!)  I just haven't been interested in spending my points on a measly piece of pizza!  Don't recall offhand what pizza is, points-wise, but I think it's something like 8 pts for one itty bitty piece of NOT worth it.  In the lunchroom the other day someone was talking about making pizza on a tortilla...what a great idea!  One medium whole wheat tortilla is one point!  I added bulls eye BBQ sauce, mushrooms, peppers, some spices and some chicken, topped it all with mozza cheese (skim milk kind) and voila!  TWO personal size pizzas for a total of 10.5 points for BOTH...and yes, I ate both!

More blogging later folks, gotta get to work now!