Saturday, January 9, 2010

She speaks!

Pin It Yes, I spoke in public...might as well get used to it since I'm teaching a course at work on Tuesday (more on that in my next post).  Just a quick note, before I head out the door again, to say that I lost FIVE pounds this week!!  My total lost since before Christmas is 7.4lbs!  My TOTAL total now is -28lbs!!!  Today at WW, I got another 5 lb star (my 5th one, thank you very much!) as well as a 25lb anchor (it will go on my 10% keychain when I get it).  Our leader had all but lost her voice this morning, so she asked us to do more sharing than usual...I felt the urge to share (which, in a group where I do not know anyone, is rare for me!)...

Every time that I've done WW in the past (yes, I think I mentioned before that I'm a repeat offender), I have allowed myself "cheat" days.  In the past those have been days where I consciously decided to NOT count my points for the day and to start fresh the next day...the problem with this theory is, in the back of my mind, I was always thinking "well, ya blew it yesterday, so why bother being 100% today?".  This time, I think some of the catholic guilt from my Dad's side of the family is sneaking in....  In the past two weeks I have had (like all of you) Christmas (parties, dinners, etc.), New Years Eve, then I had Christmas 2.0 AND this week I turned 35.  PREVIOUSLY I would have used those major occasions to "cheat".  This time - even when I decided to "cheat" and not count points, I would get home...feel guilty...plug in what I ate...and voila!  I NEVER went over my weekly flex points once!  Also, know that I had counted/tracked my points on those days (and had not, in fact, blown it), I tended to be more on the ball.  I have to say that the "if you bite it, write it" philosophy really does does attending the meetings (the key is to find a great leader...which I have!)

Off to see a movie with my fav. sister in law!  More on the teaching I'll be doing this week in my next post (maybe this afternoon).


Shondi said...

That's awesome! Weight loss, speaking in public, mindset breakthroughs?! Watch out world - here she comes!