Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Live at 5!

Pin It Well, I've made my official television debut this evening!  I was on my local CTV Live at 5!  The video clip is NOW on the CTV Atlantic website.  I believe that I will be able to post an actual link to the interview later this evening.

The interview was focused on my Fitbit, which I ordered online from  Love my Fitbit!!!  There is a newer version available, so the original version that I have (link above) is on sale right now.  Highly recommend this for anyone who is visually motivated.

Thanks Starr and Kate!!


Shondi said...

Great interview with you, Tanya and interesting segment on the Fitbit. You did great and looked fabulous! Congratulations.

Tanya said...

Thanks Shondi!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, I saw you!!! Congratulations! You did a terrific should get a job in the media!!! Maybe you get a job at Live at Five!
I want one of those Fitbits!! They are so much more descreet than the pedometers (which I wear with dedication! but it is so cumbersome!) Are they only available through
Nice job!!!
Lisa from WW!

Sarah Beth said...

That was so great! You looked fabulous, and did such a great job with what you said. Thanks for sharing!

Tanya said...

Thanks Sarah Beth!

Thanks Lisa! You can get them direct from Fitbit, but they ding you with duty charges (comes from the US). If you order from Amazon, make sure you go through the Canadian site (.ca) not the US, or you may have the same issue. I also discovered this week that you can get them through the Apple site!

Anonymous said...

Great interview Tanya! You look fabulous! Very poised and articulate.

Brenda Joudrey

Anonymous said...

Hi Tanya,
I loved your interview on Live @ 5 tonight. You look Awesome!! Congrats on your Weight Loss.
I'm also a Fitbit user. I first heard about the Fitbit through MyFitnessPal. It's a weight loss online program that I use on a daily basis. I reached my goal weight this past month which I loss a total of 53 lbs and I owe my success to my Fitbit, Hard work and Determination. I also purchased the Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale which also syncs through my computer.
I read some of your Blog and looking foward to reading more. I just wanted to congratulate you on your Success.
Marie-Paule From New Brunswick

Tanya said...

Thanks Brenda!

Ooooh, Marie-Paule... another gadget for me to look forward to!!! Congrats on your success!! Thank you!! :)

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