Sunday, April 18, 2010

I blame the sodium

Pin It I suppose it was bound to happen sometime, but I don't think I was mentally ready for it this week. I've had my first gain since I began WW on October 3, 2009 :-( I was up 1.6lbs yesterday. Now, truthfully, when I think back on my week, I can see why. Don't get me wrong, I still wrote down EVERYTHING I ate and, to the best of ability, I recorded the points and stayed within my allotment, but...there were some things beyond my control (sort of) this week:

1) Monday - baby shower @ work - pizza for lunch, plus cake. Without knowing the true nutritional info on these two items, I had to make a best guess using the WW books and the generic foods in there (i.e., cake, store bought with icing = 7 points for one slice...who knows how big that slice really is??!)

2) Tuesday - out for supper to my usual haunt (S.C.) where I had my usual meal...and then I forced Tina to order the extra order of "free" french fries...I had 12 of them (I counted and everything!), but unfortunately there is nowhere in the book to look up "12 S.C. french fries", so I had to guess again... Also on Tuesday, I could not resist the leftover shower cake in the lunchroom, so I had what I deemed to be "half of a slice" for 3.5 points...again, may be a gross understatement in points.

3) Wednesday - birthday cake at work today (see Monday & Tuesday for issues on this)

4) Thursday - thought I was doing well - made my self a stirfry for supper and instead of using a teryaki sauce, I used soya sauce and corn starch...BAD idea...After work I must have had 5-6 cups of water...I think on Saturday morning they were STILL floating around in my body somewhere!

5) All week I've been snacking on these new Thinsation treats - while low in points (and not overly high in sodium), I think the addition of so much processed food was something else the body didn't like. I had them at least once per day and, if I had points leftover, I had them more than once. This week I have planned out one per day - for the END of the day, if points permit.

Ok, so I can't really blame the sodium entirely. I think the combination of that stirfry and the guessing on so many foods this week (I usually don't do that!) brought on the 1.6lb gain - which I clearly deserved. I've been so careful since I joined WW to limit my exposure to foods that I could not control or accurately count the points on, but this week I chose to let it get out of control. Today I press the restart button and begin again. I'm grateful that my gain wasn't so bad as to force them to take away my latest 5lb star (no, they wouldn't really take it away!) - it could have been so much worse.

Stay tuned for my next blog in a few minutes - recipes, photos, etc. to come...

Restartingly yours,


Shondi said...

Hey - don't beat yourself up about the small gain. It was bound to happen one of these days! You went like 6 whole months without one. Just stay focussed and keep at it!

P.S. I hope I wasn't a negative influence on you! :-)

Tanya said...

You totally were NOT a negative influence!!! I would do that weekend over again in a heartbeat - no regrets :-) I don't think any of my last week "issues" were related to the was the days that followed the weekend that were my downfall I'm afraid!