Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Pin It I started using Dean and Bren's Wii Fit (house-sitting for them) on Monday night and again last night.  So far I like it.  I did so well in the Hula Hoop game that I unlocked the advanced Hula game (will try maybe tonight).  My plan is to do at least 10 mins on the Wii Fit each night/day that I'm there (til Jan 1) and see how much of a difference the exercise really does make in my W.I. numbers - there is no W.I. this week as the WW locations are closed Friday and Saturday - I would have gone tomorrow, but they are only open until 11 and I am technically scheduled to work til 5 (although I think we're closing at noon!).  To weigh in today (Wednesday) is just too early since I just did so on Saturday.  The good thing is, WW does not charge you for a missed meeting this week as they were closed :-)  So my next W.I. will be Jan 2nd...stay tuned!

Tomorrow night I am heading to Cole Harbour to visit with Mom and Dad and spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with them.  Mom's sister (Paula) may come for lunch if she doesn't get called into work (she works at the hospital).  Christmas night I'm back to D&B's place where I will vacation until they return on Jan 1 - I don't go back to work until Jan 4.  It's nice to have all those days off and only have to take TWO vacation days!  Our office is only open Dec 29/30 :-)