Saturday, December 5, 2009

This program really works!

Pin It Well, I'm "this" close to another milestone at WW.  Today I lost 2.2lbs for a grand total of 19.8lbs (SO CLOSE!)  I am absolutely thrilled to have lost anything this week especially after my trip to NL last week (where I confess, I did eat chicken wings...twice!) 

I keep promising myself that I will start (again) exercising.  I did go to the gym once last week...and that was it.  I just can't seem to find a good time to go...My latest plan was to go after work and take the last bus home...this week that wasn't an option since I worked past the last bus and/or didn't even get a lunch break most days this I am doing a deep clean of my apartment, so I'm counting that as "exercise" for today, but I really do need to get serious about this.  I also need to get back on the cooking "wagon" - as much as I love boneless chicken breasts...I cannot go another week of eating them almost every day!!!  I am "on call" this weekend for work, but at least I am home, so I can cook/clean until I get the call to work...and then I'm working right here from my desk in my cleaning clothes...who will know?!  I did set some boundaries with work though - not available until after 12 noon today (still no call, yay!) and not until after 3pm tomorrow...let's hope they don't call at all :-)

Well, my 10 minutes for my disinfectant spray on the counters is likely up now, so time to go wipe 'em down...the floor in the kitchen will be next...I hate floors...


Shondi said...

I hate floors too! What do you use to disinfect - Lysol spray?

Tanya said...

Yep - I'd been using just "regular" cleaners until recently I read a book that said MOST cleaners do NOT have disinfectants in them! I picked up Hertel, but can't stand the smell, so this week I bought the Lysol cleaning spray (orange scent) and it's MUCH better. The Hertel smells like something you'd use to clean a morgue...kill the smell of dead bodies - not quite what I need!